Pietari Kaakkomäki, Graphic artist.

My name is Pietari Kaakkomäki. As a graphic artist I help brands develop a meaningful visual story that creates value beyond their product. I believe in brand evolution through courageous storytelling, creativity as its fuel. In my portfolio you can find my selective projects. I'm also the partner founder of international bespoke merchandise company Apparel & Lovers. I am a fashion-innovation enthusiast. Occasionally I reflect on all these matters in my own club named La Persé.

I operate under the punchline "Beauty isn´t always pretty"; a smart blender of art, music, nightlife, extreme beauty, art direction and designer merchandise. Mixing iconographic elements from art and different subcultures. I create my very own symbology. I want to celebrate metamorphosis. Music has influenced a number of my styles over the course of my career, including new wave, new romantic, synthcore, techno, hard house, nuenergy, nurave. My touch acts as the catalyst, liberating positive forces.

Pietari Kaakkomäki:
Favorite song? High Energy.
Favorite food? Eye candy.
Favorite color? The whole rainbow.
Pietari Kaakkomäki. Dreams and Designs in Color. HEL-FI